We’re revealing some of our most treasured secrets so that YOU can create astonishing feats that will bewilder others wherever you go. These effects have been handpicked by Jim Munroe (M?ZE) and Brock Gill because they’re highly entertaining and easy to perform. Get ready to Smash. Smash 1 includes: THOUGHT COLLECTOR, MATCHBOX MONTE, SIMON SAYS, HIDE N’ SEEK, TOUCH, AND SMASH.

Join Brock Gill and Jim Munroe (M?ZE) as they continue the journey that was begun with Smash 1 allowing you to see behind the curtain to understand and create some of the most bewildering magic tricks for your friends and family. SMASH 2 includes: WORTH 1000, ETNOM DEKRAM, NOD TO ANNEMAN, LUCKY, REACH OUT, KEY MASTER, CAPITAL GAIN, AND GIMMIE SOME SUGAR.